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Rocky Ridge Trail

Summary: Despite it's name, Rocky Ridge isn't very rocky and is predominately flowy, but is steeper than other flow trails in DuPont and has a few awkward flat corners.

Difficulty: DuPont Intermediate - I consider this trail to be more on the intermediate side due to the grade, which is fairly steep compared to other flow trails in DuPont. There are also some tight, flat corners that can be awkward, although there are no technical features of note.

Length/Elevation Change: 2 miles, approx. 450 ft of descending

Notable features: The grade of the trail is the main area of concern, as some of the steeper sections may intimidate newer riders. I consider it a steeper, narrower version of Ridgeline, but aside from the grade and corners, there are no real areas of note on the trail especially if you are taking it on the slower side.


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I typically park at the Guion Farms lot, then climb Sky Valley Rd, where you'll see the Rocky Ridge trailhead parking lot on the left.

Once you reach the bottom, you'll need to either climb back up via Sky Valley Rd or take Rifle Trail -> Poplar Trail -> Hickory Mountain Rd -> Guion Farms parking lot.

It can also be looped with other popular trails in the area, by taking White Pine or Buck Forest Rd to Sky Valley Rd.


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