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Ridgeline Trail

Summary: Likely the most well known trails in the area, Ridgeline is a mellow grade flow trail that swoops through the forest with few technical features of note aside from minor brake bumps and a few mellow berms.

Difficulty: DuPont Beginner - Most true beginners could handle Ridgeline without issue, the main thing of note will be to ensure that riders have good control over their speed and watch for other trail users.

Length/Elevation Change: Slightly more than 1 mile of descending, length to get there depends on the route taken but can be as short as 3-4 miles.

Notable features: There are few notable features, the main areas of concern may be a few low laying rock gardens at the top, which can change in size depending on how much it's rained, and one poorly placed stump in the middle of the trail on a high speed section. There may be some chunky, washed out sections depending on the time of year, but nothing that constitutes a major feature. The main item of note will be other trail users, as you may often encounter equestrians climbing the trail, please be mindful of good etiquette (slow down, dismount and walk past) and say hello to all other trail users.


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The fastest route to reach Ridgeline is to climb Jim Branch, descend past the Isaac Heath intersection, then go left onto Buck Forest Rd. Climb the road for approx. 1 mile, then go left onto Hickory Mountain Rd. At the conclusion of Hickory Mountain Rd, you'll see signs for Ridgeline, stay straight on the doubletrack until it climbs briefly, then you'll be at the top.

Another often ridden extension is to climb Buck Forest Rd to White Pine trail (it's actually a road) on the left, at a 4 way intersection. Go left onto White Pine, then take your first left onto Hooker Creek, which is a fast descent followed by a climb back up to the top of Ridgeline. At the top of the climbout, go left and reach the top of Ridgeline.

There are more ways of reaching Ridgeline than I could document here, but most of them end on Hickory Mountain Rd in some form or another.


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