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Pilot Rock Trail

Summary: A classic, but difficult to access, Pisgah trail with numerous technical sections consisting of large rocks, moderate drops, awkward lines, and numerous technical switchbacks.

Difficulty: Pisgah Advanced - Numerous rocky sections and drops, with several very awkward switchbacks and one moderate difficulty rock garden near the conclusion of the trail. Comfort with riding switchbacks and rolling large drops, along with riding rocks, is a pre-requisite.

Length/Elevation Change: 2 mile descent, total route ~10 miles, expect longer than normal ride time due to the technical nature of the climbs

Notable features: The primary features of note are the numerous switchbacks, many of which have rollable drops just before them, there is one S turn in particular that consists of a very rocky segment with two awkward switchbacks, followed by a log drop. Near the conclusion of the trail, there is a rock garden that consists of a boulder field, several loose sections, and a few moderate drops with sections you could easily stuff a wheel with a poor line choice.


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Climb Laurel Mountain trail off Yellow Gap Rd, Pilot picks up at the peak of Laurel


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