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OneUp Composite Pedal Review

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

What it is: A composite flat pedal with 10 pins on either side, great grip and shape, all at a fairly attractive price point.


I have to admit that I didn't buy these pedals, rather they were given to me as loaners while my alloy OneUp pedals were warrantied (that's another story). They had been fairly well worn at the point I got them and were clearly exposed to some abuse, but I was really impressed with the grip for a $50 pedal and, particularly, how well they held up.

The shape isn't particularly groundbreaking compared to some other options out there, but they still managed to grip fairly well:

The grip wasn't on par with the Deity TMac, ANVL Tilt, or OneUp Alloy pedals I've used in the past, but they are also less than half the cost of some of those options, and possibly more durable.

The pins got a few good smacks on them while I had the pedals, but they still held up reasonably well given the conditions these are sent out in:

I do appreciate the width of the pedal, which gives you plenty of options for foot placement, but without being so wide that you snag them frequently. The face of the pedal is also beveled slightly, so if you do hit them, they won't snag or grab like a square faced pedal like the Deity TMac would.

I don't really have a lot of details for this one, so it's a short review. They weren't mine, so I didn't get the chance to pull them apart and see what the bearings or axle looked like. If I ever buy some for myself, I'll post another review with internal details.

My overall impression was really positive for a $50 pedal, they are definitely better than the other, similarly priced options I've used (e.g. Raceface), but I would still prefer to drop $100 on a decent set of alloy pedals that grip better. If that isn't an option or you are looking for an inexpensive set of composite pedals, these worked great for the time I had them on despite being well abused.


vs. Raceface Chester : There really isn't a comparison here, the OneUp pedals are better in every way. The pins grip better, the shape is better, the pedal seems to hold up better, and they spin better. I had Chesters briefly and was not impressed at anything but the price. The OneUp pedals grip better, have a better profile, and are wider. I'd take the $10 price penality and get the OneUp pedals.

vs. ANVL Tilt v2 : The Tilt's are the best bargain alloy pedal you can get right now, but they are twice the price of the OneUp Composite's at $100. I'll cover these in another post, but my advice would be to buy the Tilt unless the price is too much. The Tilt's will be alloy (more durable), have a better shape, and grip better. The only functional area the OneUp pedals win is the rear loading pins, which the Tilt lacks.

vs. OneUp Alloy : The OneUp Alloy pedals have a better shape, are thinner, and the pins grip considerably better. They are also a lot more expensive. Again, I'd favor the aluminum pedals from OneUp over the composites, but they are much more expensive and I'm not entirely sold that the grip is that much better. The profile is much nicer, though, as the alloy pedals are considerably thinner.


  • Inexpensive

  • Great grip for the price category

  • Rear loading pins

  • Bearing system seems, from the outside, reasonably maintainable

  • Beveled leading edge

  • Not Chesters

  • OneUp customer service is outstanding


  • Grip doesn't compare to more expensive alloy options

  • I'd like to see the same pins used in these as the alloy pedals


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