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Hilltop Trail (Descending)

Summary: A mellow grade trail that leads from the 4-way intersection of Lake Imaging Rd and Locust to the the top of Grassy Creek Falls, Hilltop is fairly smooth with a few small root sections and drops.

Difficulty: DuPont Beginner - Despite the root features, I consider this one to be closer to the beginner side due to the mellow grade, the trail never really steepens, which makes most of the features fairly approachable. There are 2 batches of small, rollable drops that may be a bit intimidating for true beginners, but they are short and easily seen.

Length/Elevation Change: Slightly longer than 1 mile, mostly downhill

Notable features: There is an awkward rock feature near the peak that has a few lines, it can be ridden around, but it is the most challenging feature on the trail. From there, the trail weaves through the forest and has a few small, but rollable drops throughout, I'd say no more than 1-2ft. The main caution is when it's wet, some of the off camber roots can be a bit slippery.


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The most direct way to access Hilltop is to climb Lake Imaging Rd to the peak, where it directly intersects Hilltop and Locust. Go right and the trail picks up there.

Be sure not to miss the falls near the bottom. At the end, you'll come up on an open area, go right and park the bikes, walk down the stairs and you'll see the falls on the left. Do not venture too close, the rock is slippery.


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