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Daniel's Ridge (Descending CCW - "Rocky Side")

Summary: A popular intermediate/advanced segment that consists of numerous off camber root sections, large rocks, a moderate staircase, and a few good sized drops, along with some mellow, but very narrow sections running along the river.

Difficulty: Pisgah Advanced - I consider this trail advanced in its current state for several reasons, mainly the narrow width of the trail at certain points, the size of the rock drops, quantity of rock features, and the off camber roots. Some consider it more intermediate, but there are some features I'd consider advanced depending on your speed and trail conditions.

Length/Elevation Change: TBD

Notable features: Near the top, there is an awkward log roll that may catch your chainring, which leads into a rooty descent with a moderate rock drop on the right side, which is an alt line. From there, the trail fluctuates between being narrow and rooty and consisting of some awkward rock rolls or climbs. Eventually, there are some off camber rootballs that are large and steeply cambered, followed by a set of two switchbacks, the second of which is very awkward due to a drop in the rollin. After the intersection with Farlow, there is a staircase that rolls into a rocky descent consisting of eroded sections, rollable drops, and numerous rocky sections. Near the bottom, there is a handlebar width segment that is smooth, but has a significant drop off the side of the trail.


Coming soon...


This segment can be accessed one of several ways:

  • Bottom of Farlow - If you ride Farlow Gap, it dumps off into the lower half of the segment

  • Loop with the 'bridge side' - You can climb the bridge side of Daniel's Ridge and make this a loop, but I recommend climbing Lanning Ride Rd out of the Daniel's parking lot until it intersects Daniel's, then going right, to cut out some hike a bike segments

  • Out/back - I don't recommend this way, but if you are unsure of the features, then pushing up and looking at them as you go up may be a good option

One thing to really be aware of on this trail is the conditions, whether it's wet or leafy. Near the bottom, when the leaves are down, there are some sections of the trail that can be slippery and are narrow.


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