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Cedar Rock Trail (Climbing CW)

Summary: Typically climbed to reach Big Rock trail, this is an often steep and technical climb to the picturesque peak of Cedar Rock, with multiple great views, it is a challenging and steep climb.

Difficulty: DuPont Intermediate - Climbing this trail is mostly low consequence, but it will definitely try your fitness and technical climbing skills, as there are a multitude of awkward root or rock sections on the climb, combined with some fairly steep rock slab climbs before the peak.

Length/Elevation Change: Approx 1.5 miles total, but this segment to the intersection of Big Rock would be a mile to the peak and approx. 500ft of climbing

Notable features: There are a number of rooty, technical lines on the climb that will require good technical climbing skills to ride cleanly. Additionally, near the start and end of the rock slab portion, there are steep climbing sections that are of notable grade. No features are particularly high consequence, but this is a difficult climb for sure.


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Park at Corn Mill Shoals parking lot, take the Corn Mill Shoals trail until you cross a stream, then continue on until you see a sign on the left for Corn Mill Shoals trail. Ignore the first sign, then continue until the next one you soon. If you go too far, you'll reach a gated segment.

Do not take the first left hand turn onto the Corn Mill Shoals trail, that is the CCW route and is considerably steeper. They intersect at the same spot, but it is much more difficult to climb that way.


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