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Burnt Mountain Trail (CW)

Summary: A smooth, but sometimes steep climb followed by a fast, technical descent with roots, rock armored segments, and a few considerable alt-lines.

Difficulty: DuPont Advanced - This trail is on the more advanced side for DuPont, primarily due to the size/quantity of roots and rock sections, particularly near the end. The trail is fairly flowy for a brief period while descending, but quickly leads to several rocky segments, one of which is a long, chunky rock armored bit with several drops of note. For riders without good brake control or bike handling, these sections can be intimidating, especially since they are somewhat unusual in the otherwise flowy DuPont forest.

Length/Elevation Change: 2 miles total, 350ft of climbing and approx. 300ft of descending back to the road

Notable features: On the climb, you'll encounter several steep sections and small rock features. They aren't of major consequence, but worth noting as they are somewhat technical. On the descent, the trail will remain flowy for a brief period, but quickly turn technical, with rock rollovers, small drops, and awkward corners. Finally, as you approach the end, an eroded gully leads to a long rock armored section that is steep, chunky, and has 3-4 drops throughout, followed by another chunky, eroded section before reaching the road.


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Parking at Corn Mill Shoals, cross the road and take the gravel Corn Mill Shoals trail. You'll reach an intersection with Little River on the left, Corn Mill Shoals trail straight, and Burnt on the right. This is where you'll exit descending clockwise. Keep going down Corn Mill Shoals until the next intersection, where you'll want to go right onto the Burnt Mountain Trail.


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