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Big Rock Trail

Summary: A fun, rocky descent that consists of several small rock slabs, rock drops, and eroded root segments.

Difficulty: DuPont Advanced - More typical of a Pisgah trail, you'll encounter root balls, rock drops, and a few small slab features throughout the descent. These are a bit abnormal for DuPont and would not be overly advanced for a Pisgah trail, but some can be difficult especially for newer riders.

Length/Elevation Change: Less than a mile, mostly downhill from the peak of Cedar Rock, but with a few short climbing segments that are short and don't provide much elevation change

Notable features: There are a number of rollable, but moderately sized drops scattered throughout the trail, one in particular has a very awkward landing and, if rolled wrong, can easily pitch you off the bike due to a dip in the landing. Aside from that one, most are trivial to roll and visibility is good, but many segments have a multitude of lines, some requiring more commitment than others.


Coming soon...


Aside from doing an out and back, climbing Cedar Rock is the main way to access Big Rock. In either direction, the intersection at the top is obvious and signed.

It can be a bit difficult to find the trail at times due to the rock slab. When in doubt, look for the whiter sections of rock, as the rock appears to darken off the side of the trail.


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