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Avery Creek Trail

Summary: Mostly reworked in 2019, Avery is now a wide trail combining a multitude of flowy sections, chunky bits, rock gardens, and a number of gap jumps.

Difficulty: Pisgah Intermediate/Advanced - If you do not ride the jumps or gaps, then this trail is a bit closer to intermediate, with the most difficult sections being several rock gardens that tend to be loose and wet. If you choose to ride the jumps or gaps, then advanced jumping skills will be required to clear the gaps, particularly the large (15ish ft from lip to landing) gap near the middle of the trail. There are also some moderate steep sections, but they are short and currently fairly smooth.

Length/Elevation Change: 3 miles, mostly downhill

Notable features: For intermediate riders, the jumps and gaps should be avoided unless you are able to clear the gaps. Using the ridearounds, the most technical segments will be a handful of small (1-3ft) drops and 3-4 sections that are rock gardens build with small, loose rocks. One of the rock gardens near the top has an awkward rock bridge over a drain that you won't want to come off the side of. Further down, there is an awkward left hand turn that is mostly smooth for now, but somewhat steeply cambered. For advanced riders, assume that most of the jumps and drops are gaps, be prepared to clear them, as casing them would be uncomfortable and awkward, with a few being high consequence.


Coming soon...


There are a few ways to access Avery, but they all end at the intersection of Upper-Upper Black / Club Gap / Avery Creek / Buckwheat.

The most common way of accessing Avery is to climb Clawhammer Rd to the intersection with Black, go left up the staircase, then climb the Black singletrack until the descent down Upper-Upper Black to the 4 way intersection, then go left.

Another option is to climb or shuttle Avery Creek Rd to Club Gap, which leads directly to the top of Avery Creek.


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