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Pisgah National Forest

Pisgah National Forest is home to over 300 miles of trail, many of which are open to mountain biking year round. 

Pisgah is known for the challenges posed by the many roots, rocks, and steep technical sections. While PNF has many challenging trails, do not be deceived by footage and hype, Pisgah has many trails that vary in difficulty and can be enjoyed by riders of all skill levels

Pisgah Trail List

We have documented the trails below, with more coming. Click on the trail name to view the walkthrough for that specific trail. Those marked as "Coming soon" will have basic overviews of the trail, but lack detailed walkthroughs until completed.

Please note that many of the trails below have been re-routed or changed since I published the walkthrough (as of Sept 2022). I will try to update them where possible in the coming months.

Trail Walkthroughs

Pisgah Routes

The routes below are routes consisting of multiple trails that can be linked together as a complete loop. The route walkthroughs will link walkthroughs of each specific trail, while providing navigation and general information on the route.

...Coming soon...

Difficulty Scoring for Pisgah

Trail difficulty will vary depending on a rider's experience and ability levels. It is recommended that these be used as a baseline, but not a hard guide, especially in Pisgah, where trail conditions change frequently. 

In general, all riders in Pisgah can expect climbs consistent with riding in the mountains, often on fire roads. For descending, good brake technique and tires are recommended. See our FAQ on Pisgah for more information.

Relevant Businesses

These are some of the businesses relevant to riding in Pisgah that I have experience with, providing accommodations (e.g. camping, glamping tents, cabins), bikes/beer/food, or the always recommended guiding services. 

For most riders, especially those not familiar with riding in the region, I'd strongly recommend hiring a guide. I try to provide useful information here for making decisions on what to ride, but a qualified guide will eliminate the tedium of navigating and identifying tricky spots.

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