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Cranky Ginger was created with the idea that the information available to intermediate mountain bikers is somewhat limited, especially information on traveling to Western North Carolina. In talking to many riders that visited the area, a recurring theme among many was a lack of guidance on what trails they should ride, with many taking advice from advanced riders and attempting routes that didn't suite their skill level. 


I wanted to fill the void of information by providing useful guides for riding in Western North Carolina, with updated, practical information that riders can use to make decisions on where to go. The content was later expanded to cover gear reviews and general thoughts, all of which I aim to target intermediate riders focused on coming to WNC or making purchasing decisions.

The site is still a work in progress. If you run into any issues, please let me know


I was born in 1984 in Raleigh, where I grew up spending most of my time working with computers. Aside from 4 years at a military college, I spent very little time in athletics or playing sports, opting to play video games instead. Since graduating college in 2006, I have worked in cybersecurity performing a variety of tasks, primarily focused on application security, reverse engineering, and embedded devices. I have lived in NC, SC, GA, FL, and VA.

In 2015, on the pushing of my doctor, I decided to take up something athletic to improve my health and began riding mountain bikes. Since then, mountain biking has become a big part of our life. I am an 'off the couch athlete' and have all of the issues associated with spending much of my life on the computer, but have found that riding bikes has had a profound impact on my health, along with being mentally engaging. 

I moved to Western NC in 2017 where I became familiar with the trails and began to notice the need for more information, along with numerous discrepancies in my experiences with products compared to most public reviews. 

I currently weigh ~210 geared up, am 6 ft tall, and typically ride a L frame bike. I also have ulnar nerve damage in my left hand that makes me unusually sensitive to certain aspects of bike fit and setup. I consider myself to be mostly intermediate in skill and fitness for this area.

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